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Y., said he believed it was important for the school community to have a space to remember Burleigh, 22.“A lot of people were asking to do something for her,” said Mirando, who did not know Burleigh but lit four candles, placed a bouquet of a dozen carnations, and wrote two notes on loose-leaf paper and taped them to the bottom of an owl statue in Founders Garden.Dallas, 22, said a professor’s question, which he could not remember, had prompted Hupperterz to tell the story.He said he found it “weird” that Hupperterz would tell such a tale to a class of about 20 people.Moore Avenue, said Tuesday that he had encountered Hupperterz twice — in mid-August when they were moving into the building, and in late August in the shared basement laundry room.“I personally thought he seemed normal,” said Maurer, who said Hupperterz complained of plumbing problems on the first day.The man charged with killing Temple University student Jenna Burleigh in his North Philadelphia apartment last week placed her remains in a container that was taken to his mother’s Jenkintown home, where he later put it into a Lyft car and rode more than 100 miles to his grandmother’s house in northeastern Pennsylvania, according to a police source.Joshua Hupperterz, 29, a former Temple student, is charged in Burleigh’s killing.

One said he seemed like a “regular teenager,” others said he was prone to exaggeration and trouble.Julie Shaw works on the Justice/Injustice team for the Inquirer and Daily News, focusing on crime victims.During her 12-plus years at both papers, she has covered the courts, crime, immigration, and census stories.Robert Adshead, an attorney who represented Hupperterz in two previous criminal cases in Montgomery County, said he was stunned to learn of the allegations against his former client.Adshead said that Hupperterz was quiet and respectful to him, and that nothing about his demeanor or prior crimes suggested he was violent.

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