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We got a fair number of responses from teens who thought Twitter, Tumblr, and Snapchat were cool (and they are! You've probably never heard of Musical.ly, but it has already cracked the top 20 in Apple's App Store.

) and that adults didn't know about them (but they do! The app has quietly grown to its popular status without any press.

The game's name literally translates to "cat collecting," and that's exactly what you do in the adorable game. Interestingly, a lot of the teens we spoke with — the majority, 75% — told us they didn't have or use You Tube or Vine accounts, but they use both services voyeuristically just to watch the videos.

There tends to be a lot of overlap between You Tube and Vine stars.

Staving off FOMO (fear of missing out) and finding ways to connect and share memories with your peers is essential regardless of when you were a teenager.

But teens today seem more aware of current events and pop culture, and this is probably because they have so many ways to be connected to real-time news and other information outlets.

After all, the company is having a hard time attracting new users.

But a lot of teenagers we talked to really liked the platform.

We didn't flat-out ask what media teens are consuming, but in their answers about their favorite Viners and what they did online, 30% of teens we spoke with mentioned Buzz Feed, Buzz Feed Video, Tasty (the Buzz Feed food video Facebook page), and Buzz Feed's quizzes.

lets you make music videos of yourself or of other people.

It may not seem like a particularly compelling value proposition, but 10 of the 60 teens we spoke with listed as the app they were most excited about and doubted adults would know about.

We've drawn out the highlights below, along with some data from other sources, so keep scrolling for our guide to teenagers in 2016.

For our survey on American teenagers, we talked to a group of about 60 teenagers from across the US, of various socioeconomic classes, grades, and ages.

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But Facebook Messenger was mentioned almost as frequently — 80% of teenagers we spoke with said they used Facebook Messenger as a primary or secondary form of communicating with friends.

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