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On weekday afternoons they leave their bungalow, clamber into the car, drive around the block to their mailbox, grab whatever's inside and return home. He made gigantic sandwiches for his lunch and persuaded her to eat half. On Christmas Eve 2010 they married in a small ceremony on the football field at Hill Park. Her eating disorder prevented her from completing her program. Christy has been inside virtually every minute since. Sometimes she can't bear to have him leave her in a room alone. "He danced with me to try to keep me calm," she says fondly, offering a rare smile.

The sufferer is afraid to leave his home, be in public spaces, go into department stores or shops, be in crowds of people, cinemas or small enclosed spaces, or to travel alone by train, bus or plane.

Therefore, he avoids these places or can only remain there with great fear.

She has been vomiting all morning, anxious about my arrival. I'm not leaving her because she needs help." Christy is friendly, smart, insightful and painfully honest about the mental illness that traps her inside her house. "In May and June of this year, I never left the bedroom. Eventually, she was sent to therapy and was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and bulimia. "I'd pretty much gained control over that, but then my anxiety kicked in." Beginning in 2007, anxiety caused her to throw up all the time at her job at Zellers. On this particular evening, they were in the checkout line when it happened. " When I put that question to the Ministry of Health, the answer was brief and unhelpful to Christy.

In an oversized T-shirt and long shorts, Christy spends our entire interview pacing and tossing a baseball from hand to hand. She does this sometimes, she says, as punishment for what she puts her husband through. "If a physician sees a patient in the home or any other setting, the physician services are insured," stated the email reply.

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  1. “Many of the users are smart and attractive; it’s a high quality crowd.” When you’re dating in your 40’s, high quality is just about the best thing you can ask for.

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