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We’re still using the Drawing with Children program, and later in the year I’m probably going to buy a few of the intermediate online lessons from the DWC creator Mona Brooks.

I also decided to host a handicraft fair before Christmas for my kids and some other local homeschoolers so they could work on a craft skill and then showcase and swap their wares. My goal is to also do Macbeth and then a comedy to round out the year.

Other suggestions included homeroom, morning round-up and morning pow-wow all of which were soundly rejected.

So now I usually start the day by calling everyone to morning round-up in my best Western voice and everyone collectively groans and that makes me happy.

Plus I selected a few historical fiction books for them to read that tie into the current time period.

I’ve covered a wall in the dining room with a timeline and we’re cutting apart the timeline from TAN and also adding others images and events.

Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. He decided to leave the world and pursue a life of complete solitude and prayer.

A follow up post will definitely be in order this year, not so much to follow up on the curriculum outlined here (though if everything falls apart I’ll be sure to let you know), but to share what the future might hold for Fulton and Teddy. (This post is littered with copious amounts of Amazon affiliate links because PENNIES FROM HEAVEN.

) At home this year is Addie, who is doing 10th grade through Queen of Heaven Academy (you can see her syllabus and booklist here), Byron who is in 8th, and Edie who is in 6th.

Once I had Addie’s schedule in hand, I created our school schedule so that the older three could do art together.

Science – We are reviewing basic science facts as part of our memory work then reading a corresponding chapter from the Usborne Science encyclopedia.

I’m also letting them select a new science book every week or so, to study, summarize, and share.

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