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In other words, these days relationships usually start off with kissing and sex.You basically take each other for a “test drive” and see how you feel after that.Taubah is so powerful that it can take a person from the lowest levels of Hellfire and raise him to Paradise.Make a U turn in life, wash off your slate of deeds - eliminate the bad deeds and protect your good deeds.A woman doesn’t have to save her virginity for marriage anymore and she isn’t under pressure to get married immediately.

After you’ve had sex, both of you can then consider having a relationship.

Allah looks at the sincerity of our hearts and our actions. To regret and wish one had never indulged in the sin. Allah the Most Merciful may forgive sins with one tear.

My dear sister there is no limit on Allah's Mercy . Make a firm intention to never turn back on your previous sins. A lot of people say that they are unable to cry, in that case, make the face of a crying person.

So, don’t waste time trying to work out whether or not this woman likes you.

Not all women are going to show obvious signs of interest in you (e.g.

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