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The two Americans will join bride-to-be Brynne Gordon...Actress FRAN DRESCHER has bottled up the secret to her youthful looks - she's launching her own line of skin care products.Elton John was joined by a cast of A-list celebrities and high profile business representatives as he held his annual Oscars-viewing Aids fundraiser in Los Angeles last night (February 26, 2012) The Elton John Aids...Actress Fran Drescher has turned wedding officiator to marry three gay couples in New York City next month (Mar12).News broke this week of Drescher divulging to In Touch that Jacobson came out of the closet to her following the divorce. We were just kids and didn't know who we truly were. The duo "remain the best of friends," and even fixed each other up — "I more successfully than him, by the way," she reports."Peter and I feel so blessed to have met each other and to still have a caring, loving relationship," the Flushing, Queens native says. They are collaborating on a new sitcom about being married to a closeted homosexual — like , but a giant leap backwards.The Nanny star has been handed a three-week pilot run in New York; Los Angeles; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Phoenix, Arizona; Minneapolis, Minnesota and Orlando, Florida from 26 November... TV star split from Jacobson in 1999 but the couple has remained close and in 2008...

The star of 'The Nanny' and 'Happily Divorced' recently tied the knot with boyfriend Dr.The Nanny star is hosting the Love is Love Gay Marriage Contest in the Big Apple on...Fran Drescher has claimed her comments about being kidnapped by aliens were a joke.After Angelina Jolie’s stunning revelation about her preventative double mastectomy, celebrities and fans have almost been tripping over their feet to praise the Lara Croft star for her courage. Actresses Kelly Preston and Fran Drescher and Tv titan Oprah Winfrey have poured their hearts out to their pets in a new book to raise money for charity.Photographer Robin Layton has compiled a collection of...

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