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Arabella, whose parents are Jewish, also said that if she could be any star in the world, she would be 'A Star of David'The spotlight interview consisted of 18 questions, including ones about Arabella's favorite food and her favorite country.

She told her classmates and teachers that she loves ice cream, her favorite country is America and her favorite color is rainbow.

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She relies heavily on her own mother and I help out one day a week, but I can’t say anything as my son’s wife is a fiery lady who would probably tell me to stop interfering.

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Little Arabella Kushner told her kindergarten class she wants to be in the Marines when she's all grown up.

I am beautiful, clever, successful and great in bed.

I tend to run everything – the marriage, the house and the business – as I like being in control, but he always takes the lead in bed and is great at satisfying me. Your husband was very foolish to betray you and your devastation is understandable.

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