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if you ever seen her just tell her to STICK IT UP HER ASS! Jim (USA) Report N2 (added on April, 25, 2007) Tracy or Sophia is a beautiful woman who is trying desperately trying to burn someone, She good!

James (USA) Report N6 (added on March, 19, 2008) She contacted me because she saw my profile. She send me some of her pictures, that's how I recognized her on this site. She draws you in and eventually she will be coming to the U. when I spoke that I knew she bluffing she said that it was for her sick brother, she would have the money for, when I said that I would help her, she give me her address so that I would send a copy of my passport so she could apply for a residence permit in Sweden but I never sent, I have her account number HERTY LAWSON, ECOBANK GHANA LTD ACCOUNT NR0060034421669701. It's dangerous without heart and without soul, play with your feelings. Well, if you send money to any of these people, that money is being used to finance all kinds of other crimes and atrocacies. The people who are involved in these scams are not the people you see in these pictures.

Wish I had looked here before I send 00 via Western Union. Fabrizio (Italy) Report N12 (added on February, 19, 2010) Buyer be ware. Wyndell (USA) Report N13 (added on March, 1, 2010) Oh My god, she was good, no the best.

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she talked to me through instant messeging and email. after more time she asked for money for a phone card so she could here my sweet voice. The pictures she uses are actually a model whose name is Mellisa Roy. She has tons of pictures available which only makes you believe she is for real. She asks for passport, visa, airline flight and other document fees. I hesitated to report this, even after seeing her on this site.

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