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Gerhardt and Provost are leveraging the crowd-sourced power of Kickstarter to fund the manufacturing process needed to get the Glif off the ground. Here's why the Glif exists, straight from the guys who are making it: "The idea for the Glif was first formed when we realized the i Phone 4 is literally the best camera we've ever owned.

With 29 days to go, the duo has managed to already meet their ,000 goal and exceed it by more than 50 percent. Your donation to the project gets these things made, but you also get the product. With the addition of HD video recording and high dynamic range photography, it's clear Apple is positioning the i Phone as a very high-quality portable camera.

In contrast, in most languages written in any variety of the Latin alphabet, the dot on a lower-case i is not a glyph because it does not convey any distinction, and an i in which the dot has been accidentally omitted is still likely to be recognized correctly.

However, in Turkish it is a glyph because that language has two distinct versions of the letter i, with and without a dot.

In graphonomics, the term glyph is used for a noncharacter, i.e. Most typographic glyphs originate from the characters of a typeface.

Larfleeze and a few other aliens planned to make the biggest heist the universe has ever seen and raided Maltus.

From the planet, they grabbed the box, which was worth an entire star system, and an old map that lead them to the Orange light, which was the Orange Power Battery, fuelled by avarice.

In 1897 Dana Evans discovered glyphs written on rocks in the Colorado Desert.

These ancient characters have been called the most enlightening discovery in Native American History in the 19th Century.

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When Larfleeze and his companions reached Okaara and found the symbol of the Orange light, they fought for control of the Battery.

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