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Girl Scout troops were organized, even in these camps.These girls participated in many activities, including dramatic presentations that took place in the Crystal City Internment Camp in Crystal City, Texas.Next, Low attempted to merge her organization with the Girl Scouts of America which was founded in Des Moines, Iowa by Clara Lisetor-Lane.She thought their similarities would make this easier but Lisetor-Lane felt Daisy copycatted her organization and threatened to sue.

In late 1912, Low proposed that the Camp Fire Girls merge with the Girl Guides but was rejected in January 1913 as Camp Fire was then the larger group.

In 1933, Josephine Groves Holloway founded unofficial African American troops in Tennessee.

She also fully desegregated the Cumberland Valley council in 1962.

The first official African American troop in the South was founded in 1932 in Richmond, Virginia by Lena B.

Watson and led initially by Lavnia Banks, a teacher from Armstrong High School.

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