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Support your answer.2.) How are stock options currently reported in the financial statements?Why do businesses oppose having stock options reported in the income statement?My bottom line conclusion is that failing to book (expense) employee stock options, in traditional or exit value accounting models, creates highly misleading financial reports that inflate earnings per share, retained earnings, and even cash and other assets.It is also possible to use the cash saved in wages to reduce debt, further improving the attractiveness of the a company that has, in effect, hidden debt in deferred employee compensation locked up on stock option plans.[paragraph 9]TITLE: Bush Supports Businesses in Debates Over Changing Options Accounting REPORTER: Michael Schroeder DATE: Apr 10, 2002 PAGE: A2 LINK: SB1018390978662248640,00TOPICS: Accounting SUMMARY: The proper accounting treatment for stock options is receiving attention again.

Weili founded the company in 1995 with her husband, Sehat Sutardja, and Sehat's brother Pantaj from their kitchen table.Several stressed that executives have to pay taxes on the dividends at their ordinary tax rate.But because an executive could leave before these shares vest, "it's better to defer the dividends until vesting," says Ira Kay, national director of compensation consulting at Watson Wyatt Worldwide.Since recognition means depiction of an item in both words and numbers, with the amount included in the totals of the financial statements, disclosure by other means is not recognition.Disclosure of information about the items in financial statements and their measures that may be provided by notes or parenthetically on the face of financial statements, by supplementary information, or by other means of financial reporting is not a substitute for recognition in financial statements for items that meet recognition criteria.

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