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John's used these very badges, which are being touted as the next frontier in office innovation.

The Deloitte team was switching from a traditional cubicle farm to an open-concept space, and the badges were used to measure how well employees were performing in the new milieu.

In a similar case study for the Bank of America, the team tracked employees at a call centre for three months.

Humanyze suggested that if employees took breaks at the same time, productivity would improve.

The giant Japanese conglomerate Hitachi has also developed what it calls Human Big Data, a wearable device that is outfitted with sensors and collects data 50 times per second.Participation in the pilot project was optional and those who opted in were given contracts that made them owners of their own data.The information from the badges, which were created by the Boston-based company Humanyze, was gathered anonymously, and workers were given personalized dashboards that benchmarked their performance against that of the group.Volometrix counts Boeing, Facebook, Qualcomm and Seagate among its clients."We help companies understand what their top teams and top people are doing that's different from everyone else," says co-founder and CEO Ryan Fuller.

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Hidden accelerometers measure your body language and track how often you push away from your desk.

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