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This was the big thick one and she had a hard time getting it past her lips.No sooner had she got that big cock in her mouth, she let out an earth shattering orgasm. She then told the man eating her she wanted him to fuck her right now.She was finding this idea fascinating and was wondering if she should really go through with it.After a few minutes of his begging, she decided to go for it.She then gave him our home address and quickly jumped in the shower.She knew that I would not be upset with her as we had discussed this several times and I just wanted her to have fun. I told her that if she ever did anything like this, I wanted to hear every detail when I returned home from work.After her shower, she put on a pair of black thigh highs, and red push up bra and red top that is very low cut. She wore the skirt up high so that the tops of her stockings would show when she moved around a bit.Exactly one hour later, there was a knock at the door. She quickly invited them in and they both gave her a big smile. They all sat in the living room, her in the middle and chatted a bit.

I told her she was to feel free about doing whatever she wanted when I was at work.She then offered them a glass of pop and offered to show them our home. As they were taking the tour, she led them down to the basement where we have a new pool table. Then she led them back upstairs and since they were behind her, they could see up the back of her very short skirt.She hear one of them say "oh my God", she figured they noticed she did not have any panties on.She would occasionally find an interesting man to flirt with and sometimes that would lead to an exchange of pictures.On once such day, she was chatting with a guy who seemed really nice and she enjoyed his picture.

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