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Sweet revenge Kimberly, come and see us again soon. Have any hubbies tried to stop what was about to happen? One makes the fantasy scenario to suit whatever he is comfortable with but real life is out of his absolute control.

I have been reading the experiences of the other couples on this site with horny amazement but definitely wouldn’t be into cream pies. Just the thought of her getting dressed up to go and meet a guy gives me an instant erection.

In fact I have been walking around with a semi for 3 days now thinking about the ifs and buts and would she do it.

Damn, I love married wives they make the best Internet porn sluts!!

He couldn’t get it up after that and made some excuse and left.Meet Amber a 33 year old wife, married six years with two loving twin girls!Amber thought it would be no time like the present to try a meaty black dick for the first time. We even let him listen via cell phone as Amber got her pussy destroyed for the first time!We had talked about separate rooms before and once she left our hotel room to go to a single guy we had met but returned saying she couldn’t do it.On another occasion she had been in the foreplay stages with a guy when I left the room for a drink. It was extremely exciting to think that she could do it without me there!

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