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" i said "well they could have but unless that girl can grow a dick i am not into her. cool, i am to, my name is charlie." he put out his hand and i shook it and said "nice to meet you, my name is johnny." he said "well johnny i get off in 5 minutes, how about i join you in a cup of tea?

While we we going to the club nicki started talking "ok so we are here in london, going to a club, what do we do if we a local hottie?

" scott said "well before anyone takes off with there booty call to there place make sure you tell the other 3 just and when you get there text the address, ok?

" me and the girls agreed it was the best plan to stay safe.

to be honest all i miss is the sex, i have not had any since we broke up." he laughed and so did i and i said "well that sucks." he laughed and agreed. " he then said "well i will be busy for the next 2 but if you like we can hang out the last few days you are here." i said "yeah that would be nice." he gave me his number and i gave him mine and left.

we talked for about another few minutes before he looked at his watch and said "wow it is almost , listen i have loved talking to you but if i don't get home and try to sleep i will end up falling asleep in class and my teacher don't like that." i said "oh ok, it was nice talking to you." he then said "yeah i like talking to you to. the next few days me and my friends hanged out and did more stuff around london and everyone now and again me and charlie would start texting each other.

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" i told him "it is kind of a style, i think." he said "well what ever, he has been checking you out the whole time, get over there and say hi." i said "ok i will, now go, go do the nasty with you little friend over there." scott turned his head to the girl he had just picked up and said "oh i will." laughed and walked away.

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