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At my 21st birthday party, I wore a dress inspired by the one Paris wore in 2002 at 21st birthday party. Kendall: Best place is the club, it keeps your hands free and you are not afraid of losing anything. Kylie: Baseball caps, colorful latex, and denim mini skirts with heels.She was there to celebrate with me that night and loved my look. Kylie: I don’t think there is a “worst” place; we’re loving the fanny pack comeback! And which trends are you looking forward to wearing in the fall?Kylie: We are also loving polished athleisure looks. And if so, would you take the red pill or the blue pill?

With her statement jacket, the current Oreo spokeswoman sported a black and white striped top.What are your top three most-used emojis: Kendall: I don’t have a top three because I rarely use emojis.If I do, it pertains directly to the picture I posted, i.e. Kylie: I use various heart emojis, and I have been using the black one quite a bit lately.Kylie: The denim mini skirt in our Drop2 collection is inspired by Christina Aguilera circa 2000. Kendall: We are loving slip dresses still and are playing around with how we style them.We love them with an oversized deconstructed denim jacket or a puffer. I think I would take the red pill; I would need to know the truth.

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