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Mary Kenny Ever since I was made aware that folks from the city on the Foyle favoured different names for their home town ("Do you come from Derry?

" "Yes, I come from Londonderry") I have believed that people should be called whatever the heck they like.

She liked to be seen as a royal rebel and "with it" - in the lingo of the time - but people were warned that she'd seem friendly and approachable, and then suddenly pull rank. Mary Kenny Loneliness in older life is a perennial problem; anyone who writes a problem page will tell you that.

It's one of the reasons why many people don't like having to retire: it's not just that they lose contact with the daily life of work but because they feel less connected with what's going on. Mary Kenny Next Saturday, September 16, her adoring fans will gather together in many parts of the world to mark the 40th anniversary of the death of Maria Callas, whom they regard at the "greatest soprano ever".

Lenin and Trotsky are charismatic figures, even if the most powerful of the troika, Stalin, is now better known as a ruthless dictator.

Mary Kenny When Hugh Hefner - founder of the famed Playboy empire - died last month, some feminists finally felt legally free to describe how they saw him.

But there are pros and cons in this debate, surely…So I have no problem with the transgender (or "intersex") pronoun "ze"...A year after the horrendous terrorist attack at Nice, on the French Riviera last year, maybe everyone should mark France's national holiday next Friday, on July 14, as a show of solidarity.Mary Kenny Being the month of September our thoughts naturally turn to the sporting event of the season - the GAA finals.We're told that the GAA is "in our DNA", and in one sense it's true: anyone who has grown up in Ireland hears, in the background of memory (for those of a certain vintage, accompanied by the immortal voice of... " "I'm good." To which the correct answer is: "I was enquiring about your health, rather than your moral character." But the Americanism "I'm good" - instead of "I'm well" (or "fine", or the nice Hibernicism, "I'm grand") - is already so engrained that there is no hope of erasing it. Mary Kenny It would be an exaggeration to say that I knew Diana, Princess of Wales, but I met her, and it later transpired that she read what I wrote.

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