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While those who are keen to do so will find the process slightly simplified.

When Microsoft switched the Xbox One's operating system to Windows 10, it was touted that Cortana - the voice assistant used by many on PC and Windows Phone - was also coming to the console. For those who already use voice commands with their console, there will be significant changes.

This also works with the Xbox One X, but if you have 4K issues, you’ll want to go right to this guide. fit=720,406&ssl=1" class="size-large wp-image-327930" src="https://i2com/ resize=720,406" alt="How to fix common Xbox One problems." srcset="https://i0com/ Hold all the triggers and bumpers on your controller to see a specific error code.

We’ll show you how to fix common Xbox One problems on your own, without calling Microsoft, returning it or paying someone to fix an issue. This will help you even when Xbox Live is down or there are other problems. Some error codes are related to issues you can fix, while others like the Xbox One Error Code E100 signal a hardware problem that means you will need a repair or replacement from Microsoft.

For a start, you now have to say "Hey Cortana" before commands rather than "Xbox". However, as Cortana understands contextual speech, there is far greater variety in what is understood.

For example, to turn off the console you could say, "Hey Cortana, turn off my Xbox One."She can also be used as a personal assistant, a la Windows 10 PC, rather than just understand gaming commands.

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